What is Customized Learning?

I have been asked lately to describe customized learning and how it looks and sounds in my daily classroom. Well, only using words here is what I can come up with.

Customized learning looks and sounds like a regular classroom of students working and engaged in learning educational tasks. Students are working with materials that suit their personal learning needs based on data information from standardized, local and informal assessments. With the information from assessments, the students are given educational tasks to complete and further their learning. Assigning these tasks is done by video using an iPad. The teacher creates a menu of learning activities for each and every individual student and makes a video telling them the learning tasks that need to be completed for a specific subject. (Each child has a personal video just for them) Each of the students hears and sees the learning that needs to be completed and they choose the order in which they would like to complete them. The student gets the materials to complete the task and uses their iPad to scan a Quick Response code (QR) code to show them a video of why and how the activity is to be completed. Once the student completes the learning task, they document their learning by making a video or taking a picture.  Once they provide evidence of learning and show they understand the learning objective, they move on to the next level; learning the appropriate skills for their needs and development.

I often fid myself saying take a peek into my classroom and you can see what it looks like in action. Not everyone can look in and tell the difference. The paragraph above is important in that, I chose the words carefully so they would paint a picture in your mind. Please remember the classroom is 1:1 iPad devices, and we have Apple TV to project our work.