1:1 Heaven + 1 iPad device = New Thoughts

Why would anyone go from 1:1 implementation of iPad devices to only one iPad? Not by choice! New year school year, 25 new students and new ways to create a work flow. I thought my teaching career would end when I no longer had 1:1 iPad devices, instead I pushed forward and thought how to make lemonade out of lemons. I just changed the delivery of lessons and not the expectations. The way one thinks about how to arrive at a quality finished product is the key. I began to think about learning objectives and the best way to reach kids. It still came out that video lessons and creations were the best learning tools for my students and I. Video is a powerful tool that students can access to further learning and understanding of concepts. With a video a teacher can share common language, key skills and direct instruction. The students are able to view the videos as many times as they need to stay engaged, on task and active in their learning. While students are engaged in the learning process, the teacher can have drop in conferences, follow up with students and teach for deeper understanding of skills. With out 1:1 iPad devices it has been a struggle, however I have made it work and the students are remaining positive. The good news is, in the next few week we will back up and running with 1:1 iPad devices. Until then, the students and I are making learning happen one device at a time!