Which apps does your school use?

I have created a Symbaloo to show the apps that Auburn School Department uses for grades K-2. Just click on the word Symbaloo and you will be taken to an interactive tile board. When you click on the tile it will take you directly to the Apple iTunes App store. Enjoy this Symbaloo tile board that gives you the Auburn School Departments K-2 apps.


How do you contact parents quickly?

I use the app Remind101. If you have an iPad or iPhone you can use this app. (You can also use a computer, it just isn’t portable enough for me.) In a nutshell, this is a texting app that you can use for student and parent communication. It was so easy to use. I signed up a s a teacher and got started. Once I was signed up, I had a code to give to parents. At open house I had a sign on the board for parents to text me. I felt very safe in doing this because the parents never really used my real phone number. The Remind101 app created an alais number that works through the app. I can only send out mass text messages to all the parents in my class, but hey it just makes it really easy for me to communicate quickly about special events or topics discussed in class that can be carried over to the home.  

The parents love the reminders and quick updates at they fingertips! So if you have no tried Remind 101, it is worth the five minutes it take to download the app and sign up.

Embrace Digital Technology

The way in which children are being asked to create, connect and share in an educational setting is changing everyday. As an educator and professional, I owe it to my students to stay up to date with all the ways to integrate technology. To change the way they create, connect and share. Having 1:1 iPad devices in my classrooms has opened a new door and my students are gladly walking through that door. Everyday it amazes me the changes I am seeing in their work and creativity. I must admit even though we are paperless, best teaching practices are still front and center in all lessons. It is just that technology and the iPad devices are enhancing the way the students are producing, thinking and interacting with information. I know not everyone agrees with children being connect to technology all day and I am NOT saying kids are on them all day. I am simply showing my students how to use technology responsibly and create digital content in effective, respectful and responsible ways. People resist change all the time, AND to embrace and see the positive ways that kids can use technology is quite AWESOME! So I ask you to help support the change with technology and spread the word that technology is not replacing best practices in education, it is simply enhancing best practices. We need to be open to change, and also be the ones to create the change and lead the way to make change happen.

QR CODES (Quick Response) from the Leveraging Learning Institute 2013

My classroom is full of QR codes. My students and I use them to learn everyday. The most common use is to link a video to teach a mini lesson or link a website. Those are the two most common ways to use them. Did you know you can link them to word documents too! Here are a few of the sites to link a QR code to a word document or text, TAGO MOBILE. You can also create treasure hunts with QR codes using the QR code treasure hunt site. , QR Code treasure hunt
My favorite site of all is delivr to generate, store and edit QR Codes. Also check out the tab about my iTunesU courseto help you through the YouTube Chanel making process and QR Code generating process. Not my favorite sites but worth a look to generate many types of QR Codes are:

Again use what works best for you and your classroom. My all time favorite and go to site is delivr so make sure to check that site out!
To all at Leveraging Learning 2013 that I promised I would post, I hope this can guide you in the right direction.


We Have Gone Paperless

What!? Second graders not using paper in a classroom. YES, we have done it! We now use the app  Showbie to upload PDF documents and distribute learning goals. The students think it is awesome. They are more motivated to use their iPad device to produce written work. They want to write a story, upload pictures and then narrate. The students have started to use the app Book Creator to author and publish books. Kids are buzzing with excitement about using an iPad to document learning. (with pictures and video, writing stories and demonstrating mathematician skills.) All of our work is on YouTube and kept in various apps like Educreations, Showbie, Toontastic and Explain Everything. Parents are having to adjust to going paperless. This is new for the parents of my students. They have to login on to shared sites to see learning documentation and parent sections of apps to see progress. Kids are held accountable for choices, documentation and engaging themselves in learning, why not the parents? In a paperless classroom the parents have to become involved and engaged in the learning process by logging-in to student’s work sites. Going paperless has been positive for my students, parents and the environment!


Empower students to be the change in their personal learning journey. Start with two simple words……….. Yes, And. Improv Lady Rebecca Stockley introduced me to these simple yet POWERFUL words this summer. I admit, I am a Yes But person. In order to make a change in myself and my classroom, I made a commitment to use Yes, And with one student for a whole day. From then on I was sold, doors to learning were unlocked and not only did the student work harder to find answers and solutions to his learning, I learned from him. He taught me that when the teachable moment comes up in our learning day, just go with it. I used to say Yes, But we have to do this first, or Yes, But we need to get this done we don’t have time. So to make a positive change in myself I started saying Yes, And when students would ask an off topic question or bring up something that seemed irrelevant to the lesson. It turns out Yes, And enhanced my thought process and created an empowered learner. The students are always inquisitive, Yes, And opened them to share any and all things related to their personal learning process.