Empower students to be the change in their personal learning journey. Start with two simple words……….. Yes, And. Improv Lady Rebecca Stockley introduced me to these simple yet POWERFUL words this summer. I admit, I am a Yes But person. In order to make a change in myself and my classroom, I made a commitment to use Yes, And with one student for a whole day. From then on I was sold, doors to learning were unlocked and not only did the student work harder to find answers and solutions to his learning, I learned from him. He taught me that when the teachable moment comes up in our learning day, just go with it. I used to say Yes, But we have to do this first, or Yes, But we need to get this done we don’t have time. So to make a positive change in myself I started saying Yes, And when students would ask an off topic question or bring up something that seemed irrelevant to the lesson. It turns out Yes, And enhanced my thought process and created an empowered learner. The students are always inquisitive, Yes, And opened them to share any and all things related to their personal learning process.


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