We Have Gone Paperless

What!? Second graders not using paper in a classroom. YES, we have done it! We now use the app  Showbie to upload PDF documents and distribute learning goals. The students think it is awesome. They are more motivated to use their iPad device to produce written work. They want to write a story, upload pictures and then narrate. The students have started to use the app Book Creator to author and publish books. Kids are buzzing with excitement about using an iPad to document learning. (with pictures and video, writing stories and demonstrating mathematician skills.) All of our work is on YouTube and kept in various apps like Educreations, Showbie, Toontastic and Explain Everything. Parents are having to adjust to going paperless. This is new for the parents of my students. They have to login on to shared sites to see learning documentation and parent sections of apps to see progress. Kids are held accountable for choices, documentation and engaging themselves in learning, why not the parents? In a paperless classroom the parents have to become involved and engaged in the learning process by logging-in to student’s work sites. Going paperless has been positive for my students, parents and the environment!

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