QR CODES (Quick Response) from the Leveraging Learning Institute 2013

My classroom is full of QR codes. My students and I use them to learn everyday. The most common use is to link a video to teach a mini lesson or link a website. Those are the two most common ways to use them. Did you know you can link them to word documents too! Here are a few of the sites to link a QR code to a word document or text, TAGO MOBILE. You can also create treasure hunts with QR codes using the QR code treasure hunt site. , QR Code treasure hunt
My favorite site of all is delivr to generate, store and edit QR Codes. Also check out the tab about my iTunesU courseto help you through the YouTube Chanel making process and QR Code generating process. Not my favorite sites but worth a look to generate many types of QR Codes are:

Again use what works best for you and your classroom. My all time favorite and go to site is delivr so make sure to check that site out!
To all at Leveraging Learning 2013 that I promised I would post, I hope this can guide you in the right direction.



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