Embrace Digital Technology

The way in which children are being asked to create, connect and share in an educational setting is changing everyday. As an educator and professional, I owe it to my students to stay up to date with all the ways to integrate technology. To change the way they create, connect and share. Having 1:1 iPad devices in my classrooms has opened a new door and my students are gladly walking through that door. Everyday it amazes me the changes I am seeing in their work and creativity. I must admit even though we are paperless, best teaching practices are still front and center in all lessons. It is just that technology and the iPad devices are enhancing the way the students are producing, thinking and interacting with information. I know not everyone agrees with children being connect to technology all day and I am NOT saying kids are on them all day. I am simply showing my students how to use technology responsibly and create digital content in effective, respectful and responsible ways. People resist change all the time, AND to embrace and see the positive ways that kids can use technology is quite AWESOME! So I ask you to help support the change with technology and spread the word that technology is not replacing best practices in education, it is simply enhancing best practices. We need to be open to change, and also be the ones to create the change and lead the way to make change happen.

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