How do you contact parents quickly?

I use the app Remind101. If you have an iPad or iPhone you can use this app. (You can also use a computer, it just isn’t portable enough for me.) In a nutshell, this is a texting app that you can use for student and parent communication. It was so easy to use. I signed up a s a teacher and got started. Once I was signed up, I had a code to give to parents. At open house I had a sign on the board for parents to text me. I felt very safe in doing this because the parents never really used my real phone number. The Remind101 app created an alais number that works through the app. I can only send out mass text messages to all the parents in my class, but hey it just makes it really easy for me to communicate quickly about special events or topics discussed in class that can be carried over to the home.  

The parents love the reminders and quick updates at they fingertips! So if you have no tried Remind 101, it is worth the five minutes it take to download the app and sign up.

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