Creating Independence One Activity At A Time

As we think about what best teaching practices are, we often think of how students learn. We also have parents that want to help at home.  How can technology and the iPad help with this experience? As a kindergarten teacher, I often think about making sure all students have the same common language before they start a specific skill during independent practice time. This can be a lot of work for a teacher, especially with 20-25 students with all different learning levels. One way to make this easier is to enlist parent help. When asking parents to help sometimes correct language (teacher language) is not always used. I love to have my students make simple recordings during our 1:1 time with each other. The student will record the work we do together and I will send the video link to parents. This helps the aren’t learn the common language (teacher language) we use to help students learn and grow. Here is a video that has been sent home to help with reading:

This little video that was shared with the parents and created by the student, was a way that I could ensure the student was ready for read to self during independent practice time.


International Dot Day

On Monday September 15, 2014 it will be International Dot Day. Check out the Dot day site by Peter H. Reynolds. to celebrate this day some colleagues and I have ben collaborating on a iTunesU course. The group of Kindergarten educators and I will be posting our work tat we create with our Children. Here is the link to our course: the five teachers are from all over the world. Brittani Wilton is from Kansas and is a K-5 gifted and talented teacher. Marc Faulder is a kindergarten teacher from the England and Catherine Mangan from Ireland. Kristi Meeuwse another kindergarten teacher from South Carolina. All of us are working in collaboration to give our students a perspective of schools, cities and countries around the world. This year long journey is going to be exciting for both the students and the teachers. Stay tuned and check out posts to the course. Please enroll an join us on our journey. We will have uploaded work samples, videos and in course discussion threads. International Dot Day will be our kick off event for the iTunesU course.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.11.28 PM

First Days of Kindergarten

With the start of a new school comes new students, new expectations and the use of iPad devices with a new set of kiddos. What do we use an iPad for in the first week? We use the app Book Creator to document S.O.P’s (Standard Operating Procedures) the way we do things inn our classroom. The students have a great time being part of the book making process and becoming authors early on in the school year. Our book (always in progress) is posted below.