Creating Independence One Activity At A Time

As we think about what best teaching practices are, we often think of how students learn. We also have parents that want to help at home.  How can technology and the iPad help with this experience? As a kindergarten teacher, I often think about making sure all students have the same common language before they start a specific skill during independent practice time. This can be a lot of work for a teacher, especially with 20-25 students with all different learning levels. One way to make this easier is to enlist parent help. When asking parents to help sometimes correct language (teacher language) is not always used. I love to have my students make simple recordings during our 1:1 time with each other. The student will record the work we do together and I will send the video link to parents. This helps the aren’t learn the common language (teacher language) we use to help students learn and grow. Here is a video that has been sent home to help with reading:

This little video that was shared with the parents and created by the student, was a way that I could ensure the student was ready for read to self during independent practice time.


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