Start Small to Grow BIG!!!

Technology is in almost every classroom I the United States, how do you implement it, where do you start? I am asked all the time, where did you start, how do you know what to do when? The best advice I can give anyone about technology is to start small.

No on can do everything at one time and make it all work. One way to get started is research educational tech blogs, like this one or over at my friend Kristi Meeuwse’s blog iTeachwithiPads. ( while looking at all the information pick one thing that you would like to incorporate into a single lesson or one part of your day. Find one direction you repeat over and over again. For example, in my classroom it was morning work. I was constantly trying to greet the students, get lunch count done and explain the morning assignment. Not all of the kids come in at one time and I wanted them doing meaningful work that was relevant to our learning that happened the day before or was going to place later in the day.

With one, three, four or a classroom set of iPad’s this was easy for you to do. I used the camera app on the iPad and made a video that explained to the kids what their morning task was. Then I stored that video on YouTube and I linked the URL to a QR code. All I have to do now is make a 10 to 30 second video everyday and my kids are golden in the morning.

This one little change to the way I had my students come and “figure out” how to get their morning done was the little change to my day. I was integrating the use of the iPad and making mornings less stressful for the students and myself. I can now greet each individual student and make sure every child is ready for the day. The students have a smile on their face and their morning work directions are clear and easy for them to understand.

**** If you only have one iPad you can set the iPad up with the video made on that iPad. Have the students go to the one iPad and watch the video you made. This is fewer steps for you as the video will live on that iPad and you do not need to store the video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other storage site. You will no longer need a QR Code or link for the student’s access.

Just remember everyone has to start somewhere. So find that small place and once that one thing is mastered, go find another piece to enhance your day.


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