Reflection For Best Practice

As I sit and decompress over the last few days, I realize that the Leveraging Learning 2014 conference was AWESOME! I met some new friends to continue learning with and I learned some new “nuggets” (credit that “nugget” term to Kristin Ziemke) of information. My friends from Sweden, “Maya” (english nickname) and Anita, thank you for the enlightening conversations about education in the primary grades from a Swedish point of view! Last week I learned so much more from others that love to share their best practices. I learned about using Kidblog (just click the red word to take you to the site) to help students write for a purpose and to an authentic audience. Here is our link if you would like to follow us on this journey! I will be updating our student blogging journey on my own blog as well, so please be sure to check back.

So as I continue my reflection to make student learning more engaging, I think about making a list. A list of the things I would like to blog about and would like others to know bout. So here is the list that I will work on over the course of the next few moths:

Creating student blogs

Creating independence in a kinder classroom

Digital citizenship for the young ones

Global project collaboration

Using Learning AtoZ app Raz-Kids

Using the Osmo tool in the classroom

The importance of a PLN (Personal/Prefessional Learning Network)