Writing for the World to See

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Sometimes we get so concerned about what the students need to know by a certain date that we often feel a though there is not enough time for all the learning that needs to take place. Well the week before Christmas vacation, I was so concerned my kindergarten kids were not able to understand why we write. They were still writing, “I like Mom,” and “I love Dad.” They could also describe what they liked about each person. I still felt as though they were missing the part that writing provides information and that writing also gives other people information or is a way to have questions answered. So with four days left before our two-week vacation, the kids and I started to explore the different reasons people write. I had no expectations or expected outcomes on the first day. As day two of exploring different types of writing started to unfold and the kids and I saw that people write blogs to give information. I saw the fire in their eyes and the excitement about how “regular” people can write about things they know, learn or experience. I quickly decided that we were going to start a blog. I chose to use Kid Blog. The wonderful Kristin Ziemke had inspired me. She taught me that having kids blog is all about the thinking and writing process. I also learned from her that kids need feedback. The feedback that kids receive from blogging is so much more important, at times, then any feedback a teacher or someone in the walls of the school could give. With all of this information and seeing the kid’s eyes light up when they read other kids blog, I decided we were just going to go for it! So there we were three days before vacation and the kids and I learned how to bog. It went very nicely with our study of Christmas Celebrations around the world. The kids were learning about Christmas in England. We were reading books and swapping video messages with a Kindergarten class from England already. The kids had so many questions. So armed with the many questions we set off to blog. The students wrote the questions they had. I put out an email to staff and even Tweeted to my PLN that my students had started to blog. To our amazement the next day each child at least one response that gave them lots of information.

The kids and I were hooked. Not only were they writing to get information, they were also learning about the conventions of writing and how important a title was to hook a reader. Check out our Kid Blog site: http://kidblog.org/MrsDufourkindergarten/