Raz-Kids by Learning AtoZ

Leveled readers at the students fingertips. This program has so much to offer for parents, teachers and students. Raz-Kids moves levels based upon two factors. The first factor is the student’s ability to read the book, listen to the book and take a comprehension quiz about the book. Once the student has done these three tasks with every book at their assigned level, they will move up. The second factor for moving up (or down) a level is the choice of the teacher.

Teachers have a dashboard to keep track of student use and learning standards in Raz-Kids. The dashboard for teachers is AWESOME, at the click of a button I can hear my kids read, see comprehension scores and grade level Common Core State Standards. I can also give the kids assignments to read certain leveled passages, or for beginning readers assessments for letter identification.

Students love Raz-Kids and that it is catered to their needs as a reader. They have a personal bookshelf that they can have read to them, they get to record themselves reading for the teacher and then they take a quiz to show their understanding of key facts and vocabulary. It is engaging, exciting and fun for them to read with this app.


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